Woodinville and Redmond wine tasting

The number of wineries in our immediate area exceeds anyone's capacity to taste wine. At last count, there were 105 tastingrooms in Woodinville and several more in Redmond. Have no fear! We can help you to pick several that produce wines that you will find fit your favorite styles and varietals. We can also help you to plan your trip with maps and some discounts on tasting. Finally, if you really want to go in style, we can help with packaged tours, limos, special events and other information to help you make the most of your visit.

Washington is becoming recognized for truly extraordinary wines. In many cases, those wines are also priced well below wines from other, better known wine producing regions of the world. The best Washington red wines are frequently big, warm wines with more fruit forward presentation. They have great layering of flavors with plenty of tannins. The best Washington white wines are more simple and crisp, but with complex fruit flavors and good mouthfeel in the wine.

Visit Meritage Meadows and let us help you plan your tasting in our area. Cinq Cellars - located at Meritage Meadows Inn is known for Dense Red Blends, an unusual bone dry Riesling and a fresh light New Zealand Style Sauvignon Blanc. Tastings for Guests nightly at 5:30pm. Open tastings in the winery by appointment or scheduled as listed on cinqcellars.com.