Running(R), Hiking(H) and Biking(MB or RB) around Redmond

We are blessed in this area with easy access to many great places to get outside. With the right gear, you can go year 'round, too!

  • The Redmond Watershed Preserve is a great resource for running, mountain biking and hiking. 800 acres of old growth Douglas Fir forest with a gently rolling 8 miles of well maintained, unpaved trails. Many options to make an outing of as long as you want. Conveniently located 1.25 miles from Meritage Meadows.R,H,MB
  • The Tolt Pipeline Trail15 miles of well maintained soft surface trail over two ridges from the Sammamish River Valley to the Snoqualmie Valley. Spectacular views of the Olympics and Cascades well off roads. R,H,MB
  • The Puget Power Trail is a shorter (3.1 mi.) soft surface trail from the Sammamish River valley to the Bear Creek valley at Farrel McWhirter Park. Steep in sections, this is another trail with great scenery of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains.R,H,MB
  • The East Lake Sammamish Trail Well maintained 11 mi. gravel surface trail between East Lake Sammamish Rd. and the lake. Beautiful views, great running and hiking, mountain bike okay. Road bikes should stay on the bike lanes of East Lake Sammamish Rd. Connects through Marymoor Park with the Sammamish River Regional Trail and the Burke Gilman trail for 50+ miles of off road surface.R,H,MB
  • The Sammamish River Trail/Burke-Gilman Trail is a network of off and (briefly) on road paved biking trail running from Redmond to Ballard around Lake Washington and Lake Union. This trail is basically flat, well maintained and well used. There is always traffic on the trail.R,H,MB,RB
  • Wallace Falls State Park has a nice trail to hike into 9 waterfalls. A couple of the falls are spectacular. The hike is the draw, 5.5 miles round trip with 1200 foot of elevation gain. All on soft surface, well maintained trail in mature forest.H
  • Lake Serene - Bridal veil falls has a nice trail to hike into many waterfalls and then on to a beautiful lake on the side of Mt. Index. A couple of the falls are spectacular and you are close enough to get into the mist. The hike is the draw, 7.2 miles round trip with 2000 foot of elevation gain. All on soft surface, well maintained trail in mature forest.H
  • Iron Horse Trail No trail list would be complete without this Rail-to-Trail masterpiece. This includes a 2.3 mi section under Snoqualmie pass through the old railroad tunnel. The trail goes east from Rattlesnake lake all the way to the Columbia River. Not steep, but continuous 2.2% grade up and down. Gravel surface.R,H,MB
Thank you for your hiking/running/dining suggestions as well - Amazing!
- M&B 8/2013