Nearby restaurants

The list below is not complete - I'm not sure it ever could be. As fast as places open (and occasionally close) that wouldn't be possible. It is fairly comprehensive and Karen and I have tried many of the restaurants personnally, so we determine what goes on the list and what doesn't. If you find something notable that needs to be on the list, please let us know. If you try something that shouldn't be on the list - we're sorry - and please let us know so we can make that correction.

You can have meals delivered to Meritage Meadows from restaurants noted below with an asterix (*). Other than Pizza, there is a $25 minimum order and there is a delivery charge and delivery takes about 1 hour. All considered, that makes it just about like room service at many hotels except you don't get a cart. We have silver and dishes available for your use in our dining room. If you order in, please feel free to use the service and tables in the dining room - it really is more comfortable than your room for that purpose.

Italian Restaurants
Restaurant NamePhoneWebsiteNotes
Tropea425-867-1082ristorantetropea.com$$ - great italian wine list, excellently balanced sauces
Sages425-881-5004 www.sagesrestaurant.com $$ - very typical italian dining
*Frankie's Pizza & Pasta425-883-8407 www.frankiesredmond.com $$ - fun vibrant atmosphere, good food
Spazzo425-881-4400 www.schwartzbros.com/spazzo.cfm $$$ - good food for a chain restaurant
Italianissimo425-485-6888 www.italianissimoristorante.com $$$ - excellent wine list and menu
Ristorante Simone425-298-4960 www.ristorantesimone.com $$$ - on the plateau-excellent reviews

Northwest/Continental Restaurants
Restaurant NamePhoneWebsiteNotes
The Stone House425-558-5625 www.stonehouseredmond.com $$$ - excellent dining good NW wines
Matt's Rotisserie Grill425-376-0909 www.mattsrotisserie.com $$ - raw bar, good meats and fish
Coho425-885-2646 www.cohocafe.com $$ - good grilled seafood, pleasant atmosph.
Pomegranate Bistro425-556-5972 www.duparrandcompany.com $$ - eclectic menu, young staff
Purple Cafe and Wine Bar425-483-7129 www.thepurplecafe.com $$$ - Woodinville, Kirkland and Bellevue Locations
Barking Frog425-424-2999 www.willowslodge.com/wine_dine $$$ - excellent menu and WA wine list
Cafe Juanita425-823-1505 www.cafejuanita.com$$$ - Holly Smith's menu is unique
Seastar425-456-0010 www.seastarrestaurant.com$$$ - excellent seafood in a hip setting

Thai Restaurants
Restaurant NamePhoneWebsiteNotes
*Silver Spoon 425-898-7799 www.thaifoodforyou.com $$ - excellent menu and jazz weekends
Thai Ginger425-558-4044 www.thaiginger.com$$$ - full scope menu in Redmond Town Ctr.
Iyara425-885-3043 www.iyarathai.com$$ - pleasant downtown location

Indian Restaurants
Restaurant NamePhoneWebsiteNotes
Kanishka425-869-9182 www.kanishkaofredmond.com $$ - new location same great food
Tandoori Fire425-298-4275 www.tandoorifirebarandgrill.com $$ - Redmond location excellent menu
*Mehfil425-883-8989 www.mehfildining.com$$$ - Redmond Town Ctr.- pleasant

Chinese Restaurants
Restaurant NamePhoneWebsiteNotes
Spicy Talk Bistro425-558-7858 www.spicytalkbistro.com $$ - great Hunan/Szechuan menu
Watercress Asian Bistro425-284-3188 www.watercressasianbistro.com $$ - Chinese plus other asian live music
*Jade Dragon425-883-1828 www.jadedragoncuisine.com$$ - combination menu better for take out

Japanese Restaurants
Restaurant NamePhoneWebsiteNotes
 Nara425-885-0703 www.narajapaneserestaurant.com $$ - pleasant family atmosphere
Oto425-558-5888www.otoredmond.com $$ - Good sushi in Redmond
Izumi 425-821-1959www.izumikirkland.com$$ - good sushi, pleasant decor, Kirkland
*Nasai Teriyaki425-869-1916nasaiteriyaki.com $ - good teriyaki, next to Malt and Vine.
Yummy Teriyaki425-861-6500allmenus.com $ - good teriyaki, low prices.
*The Bento Box425-643-8646   $$ - good range, large portion size.

Mexican Restaurants
Restaurant NamePhoneWebsiteNotes
*Ixtapa425-868-8283$ - fairly good suburban mexican
El Toreador425-883-7570 www.eltoreador.com$$ - a bit more upscale
The Matador425-883-2855 www.matadorseattle.com$$ - lots of tequilas here
*Ooba's Mexican Grill425-702-1694 www.oobatooba.com$ - informal and fairly good food
Tacqueria El Gallo425-702-9226$ - Seattle Times best mexican eastside
Desert Fire425-895-1500 www.desertfiremex.com $$ - mex-american menu, quiet
Organic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
Restaurant NamePhoneWebsiteNotes
Hugo's's425-298-4084 Hugo's Website $$$ - excellent food for all tastes and diets
American Restaurants
Restaurant NamePhoneWebsiteNotes
* Claim Jumper425-885-1273 www.claimjumper.com$$ - huge portion size.
Canyons425-556-1390 www.canyonsrestaurant.com $$ - broad menu good service.
Redmonds Bar and Grill425-558-9800 www.redmondsgrill.com $$ - new, eclectic menu
Red Robin425-895-1870 www.redrobin.com$$ - good burgers with a good bar!
Pine Lake Ale House425-898-9099 yelp reviews$$ - loyal following, 10 ales on tap
Pizza Restaurants
Restaurant NamePhoneWebsiteNotes
Garlic Jim's425-861-9000 www.redmondgarlicjims.com $$ - will deliver to MMI. "Gourmet" pizza
Toni Maroni's Pizzaria425-868-6900 www.tonymaronispizza.com $$ - will deliver to MMI. New York Style
Romio Pizza and Pasta425-702-2466 www.romios-pizza.com$$ - pretty good greek style pizza
*Frankie's Pizza and Pasta425-883-8407 www.frankiesredmond.com $$ - generally good menu and fun.
Zeek's Pizza425-893-8646 www.redmondzeekspizza.com $$ - good pizza, delivery

Places to get Picnic supplies or take out:
Whole Foods Market
PCC Market
QFC (three locations close to Meritage Meadows Inn)
Fred Meyers ( the closest to Meritage Meadows Inn)
Trader Joe's

Restaurants marked with an asterix provide delivery service through Dinner Delivery Plus. They charge a delivery fee plus tax on a minimum $25 order. Delivery time is 1 to 1-1/2 hours.